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Version: 2.0.0

About FAIRshare

FAIRshare is a cross-platform desktop software that allows researchers to easily organize and share their biomedical data and software according to applicable FAIR guidelines. The first phase of development of FAIRshare is focused on supporting COVID-19 and other infectious diseases data and software. Our ultimate goal is to provide support for data and software from all fields of biomedical research. Learn more about FAIRshare, its impact, and related resources on our website at

What are the FAIR Data Principles?

The FAIR Data Principles are a set of guidelines for curating and sharing research data such that they are optimaly reusable by both humans and machines. Learn more about FAIR.

Why are FAIR data practices important?

FAIR data practices are crucial for ensuring reproducibility of scientific findings, promoting reuse of data, and enabling AI/ML-driven analysis to ultimately increase the pace of new discoveries.

What are the challenges?

Support is lacking to educate and assist the researchers, manual curation is not suitable to manage the amount of data being generated, and there is a lack of standard approach across research labs.

What does FAIRshare do?

FAIRshare is a desktop software that streamlines the process of making biomedical research data and software FAIR by combining intuitive user interface and automation.

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